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/Pelvic Floor and Core

W2/D4 Oh girl, those ABS!

4.9|20 min|4 comments
Let’s get INTO your low abs today. Don’t forget to engage pelvic floor. *Alternate sides with each set... more


Hilary 1y ago
Dying. Hamstrings need a stretch!
Louise 1y ago
I love those Dead Bugs! They're so effective. Oof and those criss-cross extensions are something else
Jenna 1y ago
Those leg crosses get you in the end!! 🥵🔥
Grace 1y ago
LOL my boyfriend has tried these past two days of workouts with me and has been STRUGGLING (very strong and fit individual but has never targeted some of these muscle groups). Having lots of fun with it 😉 thank you Bailey!

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