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W2/D3 Outer Thighs (to Balance out inner thigh work)

4.9|20 min|4 comments
It’s important to balance training with “opposite” muscle groups. In this case, we will even out inner thigh work, with outer thigh work! *Alternate sides with each set... more


Виктория 2y ago
The last exercise felt wrong for knees somehow
Louise 2y ago
My knees do not like the thigh dances. Had to stop as I was getting pains under my knee cap. Need to work on strengthening my knees I think.
Hilary 2y ago
Good start to the day! I tappedthe timer to adjust for longer to challenge myself on the wide squat pulses!
Sophie 2y ago
None of the moves seem challenging (either when viewing or doing them), but you feel it afterwards and it’s glorious!

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