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W1/D6: 15Min Oblique killer

4.8|15 min|8 comments
Circuit: 6 inch scissors Ab rollout Burpee with knee to elbow Plank ab circuit Reverse snow angel - if you don’t have an Ab roller, use a small towel on hard floor.


Paulina 7mo ago
I loved this! It was a quick exercise but it definitely left my abs in a little pain, totally worth it
Khadija 2y ago
Keep the abs coming 🔥
Justine 3y ago
Another epic circuit 👌🏼 feeling like my abs might actually make an appearance this summer 😉☀️😜 all the way in New Zealand 🤙🏼
Brittaneey 3y ago
Love your workouts for inspired by your girl and how hard she works with you
Eric 3y ago
Great! One week done ✔

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