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W4/D5 Upper body, Arms & Core

4.9|60 min|49 comments
Woo! Congrats on completing the 4 week Terminator program. I'm proud of you. It takes real dedication to complete a 4 week program as challenging as this one. I hope you feel fantastic and are making real progress with your physique. Of course, I would love to see your progress, make sure to tag me on IG If you want to do it again, you should know when I work with a client, we'll repeat the same 4 week program, adding in a few move variations. The second time around, we'll increase the weight and intensity faster. Great job again on completing the program. Make sure to reward yourself with a nice meal or night out!


Rebecca 3mo ago
Leigh 8mo ago
Jesper 9mo ago
Would be great with more detailed guidelines or framework for how to continue the program beyond week 4
Alex 1y ago
Tina 1y ago
Amazing. Another great program. Discipline with workouts and in the kitchen = results:))

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