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Magnus LygdbackMagnus Lygdback

W2/D1 HIIT, Legs & Core

4.9|50 min|97 comments
Welcome to week 2! I hope you are enjoying the program, but not too much ; ) We reduce the rest count slightly this week. With the rest getting shorter, you may have to use a little less weight. You want to make sure to follow the program closely as we'll be adding more intensity in the coming weeks (Increasing the reps while reducing the rest time) Make sure to message me with any questions in the app and share your Terminator faces with me on Instagram @magnuslygdback


Mandy 2mo ago
Great workout! Those mini bands are no joke
Rebecca 4mo ago
Good stuff
Melanie 6mo ago
Box jumps at the end were killer-good. Gonna feel this one tomorrow! Thank you!
Terrence 7mo ago
Barely made it through
Leigh 9mo ago

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