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Magnus LygdbackMagnus Lygdback

W1/D4 Cardio, Legs & Core

4.9|50 min|119 comments
Make sure you push yourself to do the sprints - start slow to find a pace that allows you to get all six in. After the sprints, we're doing mostly core. Great job. Almost through week 1!


Elizabeth 1mo ago
So super good therapy/rehab workouts. I have a torn ACL so I couldn’t do the sprints and replaced that with the bicycle.
Huyen 2mo ago
Extra challenge if you hate running
Mandy 3mo ago
I didn’t have a stability ball but improvised!
Celeste 4mo ago
A great challenge because I hate running.
Carolina 4mo ago
It seems to me that all the women’s training programs have too little volume of leg exercises.

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