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Labor Prep Workout

4.8|20 min|7 comments
Easy paced workouts to help prepare for labor and get baby engaged into pelvis!


Erin 6mo ago
Hips feel great!
Brittney 8mo ago
As I get closer to my due date, this workout is exactly what I am looking for. I love that it gets me moving and feeling like I am getting some good activity in for the day!
olga 1y ago
Preparing for baby number for delivery and hopefully naturally. This certainly felt like it opened everything but at the same time very spicy workout. Thank you hannah
Courtney 2y ago
38 weeks and some change! Just what I needed today💜
Saryn 2y ago
i’ve been waiting my whole pregnancy to do this workout!!! 39 weeks + 1 day & this was exactly what i needed!!

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