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Getting Baby in optimal position

4.9|10 min|11 comments
3 daily activities I’m doing to help get baby in optimal position. Baby has a job and so does mamma. Babies job is to descend and get engaged into the pelvis. Mothers job is to get ready for birth and help baby get in optima... more


Brittney 8mo ago
I am getting close and this was the perfect video to watch on stretches to prepare for labor!
Angela 1y ago
Definitely going to start doing these in the morning with my cat/cows
Skye 1y ago
Never knew how how tight I was till I started these 💜 thank you
Courtney 2y ago
Love your content!! This mama needs it all! :)
Celeste 2y ago
Starting these stretches and past them along to my sister in law ! Definitely help my SI joint pain a lot !

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