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Pregnancy modifications

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Showing what I’ve done to modify my workouts during pregnancy! These are staples exercises pre-pregnancy and during! Check out the video when to modify for more detailed info of when it’s time to modify for you! Remember, we modify when we see coning of the abdomen, pressure on our pelvic floor, peeing or any pain. This dictates when you will modify and will give you feedback on your core functionality. If you are leaking pee you have some dysfunction! ( peeing is common but not normal)


Sara 9mo ago
Love it. But man, i stopped working out for 5 months and need to start small.
Ashly 1y ago
Very helpful!
Britney 2y ago
I’m so sorry the rating was by mistake😭 I LOVED all the modifications and they were extremely helpful. Five star hands down! I feel so excited and empowered to get started!
Mackenzie 2y ago
These are so helpful Hannah ♥
Marissa 2y ago
I’m an avid weightlifter and fitness freak but I had never found a comprehensive prenatal guide like this one. Now I can walk into the gym knowing I’m doing the modifications needed and enjoy my workout!

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