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Tapping into the inner core-building a foundation. “DR Safe”

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All of these are great foundational exercises for ANYONE to tap into your inner core for healing, restoring functionality and improving strength. DR is much more than doing specific exercises but these are great rehab tools ... more


Gayla 6mo ago
I’m so happy I found your app and these core exercises ❤️
Caitlin 10mo ago
Really enjoyed this. Feel like I'm really starting to feel my core.
Alexandra 1y ago
This is absolutely going to be one of my weekly practices while pregnant. Had to modify the third one bc I believe I saw some coming. I also have a mesh repaired hernia I have to keep in mind while pregnant also. Thank you so much for posting these!
Ashley 2y ago
Really trying to connect to my core
Sam 2y ago
This is so great! One of the very few things I can do with coming. I have a really hard time telling if I am coming without video or someone watching me. I would love to workout, even body weight workouts but am I better off just focusing on this core work to try to prevent it from getting worse. I’m also on week one of your core strength guide videos and really trying to work on my breathing which I know is an issue when I workout. So should I try to do workouts still or focus on tapping into core as the priority? Thank you so much! Also I am so excited to have gotten my Ptula order with your code and Black Friday sales! So happy some of your collection was still available!

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