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I’m Pregnant/Postpartum, What Do I Do? What can I do?

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Still want/need more guidance, check out my pregnancy and core guide here: I’m Pregnant or Postpartum, What do I do? This may be the most frequent question I get. Im pregnant or postpartum what is safe for me? My answer is always this: it depends. Each and every pregnancy and recovery is different. What may be safe for you may not be safe for me. What is safe for me, may not be safe for you. 
It all depends on your ability and awareness to manage the P’s: pain, pressure, peaking/coning, popping & peeing. Any workout on this app can be a pregnancy workout. It will depend on how you modify the workout. Your postpartum journey & getting back into exercise is based on your rehab & reconnection journey to your core & still following pressure feedback. Only YOU can know when you will need to modify by the signals your body gives. In this highlight I will go over signs to look for to know it is time to modify.


Sara 10mo ago
Am at my 2nd trimester. Getting started to exercise again. Hopefully i can catch up.

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