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Inner core circuit

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Pregnancy safe core work and a great workout really for anyone to connect to their inner core: pelvic floor and TVA


Jillian 2mo ago
This was AWESOME.
Gayla 1y ago
I’m so thankful I found you and especially these workouts. Beginning before I was pregnant, to now and starting this pregnancy (4th one) with all the right information. I feel so empowered and strong and like I’m taking care of my body and baby so much more with the knowledge you share with everyone. ❤️
Alexandra 1y ago
Absolutely love these. I’m 35 weeks now! Did you do these all the way till you delivered?
Kolbi 1y ago
Doing inner core work after morning yoga is my new favorite thing! Feels nice to slow things down and work on core engagement 🔥
Alexandra 1y ago
I LOVE these for core work! I’ve started to experience from pelvic floor or SPD I believe in about my 26th week. I saw you had a girdle pain tutorial for pin relief! Thank you for posting that!! Also what was the tape for in this video on your belly.

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