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Important stretches for pregnancy

4.9|5 min|26 comments
Hey guys! These stretches are not just for pregnant mamas, but they have a more crucial role during pregnancy to help alleviate pain and baby’s positioning. As a whole, humans tend to have a tight psoas due to all the sittin... more


Iris 2mo ago
Wonderful! I’m 7 weeks and excited to incorporate all these helpful tools!
Rachel 6mo ago
I’m 8wk 6days and I had the worst side stitch pain on my left side, decided to stretch at the gym this morning and I could feel the exact spot while doing that psoas stretch, going to definitely incorporate that into my routine to prevent any other breathtaking pains. 😂 open to suggestions as well! That pain was like no other this morning.
Lexi 6mo ago
Starting to do more of these stretches! These are great!
Rachel 7mo ago
Definitely going to incorporate these into my routine daily or as much as I can while pregnant. Definitely need to loosen these up!
Sara 8mo ago
My hips are killing me! I can't believe i forgot about these simple stretches. Thanks! Immediate relief after.

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