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Important stretches for pregnancy

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Hey guys! These stretches are not just for pregnant mamas, but they have a more crucial role during pregnancy to help alleviate pain and baby’s positioning. As a whole, humans tend to have a tight psoas due to all the sittin... more


Devon 7d ago
Glad to find these in my first trimester to work with throughout pregnancy!
Ellie 1y ago
Feels great! Glad I learned something new
Celeste 1y ago
Hey I’ve been taking the prenatal pills wrong like my whole pregnancy I have three months left should I start taking four a day ?!?!
Candice 1y ago
My babe is frank breech at 37.5 weeks I still have time to turn her and go vaginally but I have a ceaser booked for 13 days time 😮‍💨 hoping this helps 🤞🏽👏🏽
Chloe 1y ago
That psoas stretch is life changing 😍

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