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Labor prep

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LABOR Prep| Birth stretches & movements to help relax the pelvic floor & help baby get in an optimal position in the pelvis. These are great for anyone by the way. 🙌🏽Lower back pain, hypertonic floor, SI joint or pelvic pain...these are great for you too. Anyone’s pelvis can get “locked up” and wonky. Breakdown: some slides have more than one exercise & some sped up 🙏🏼


Gayla 1y ago
I love that I found your app
Jordyn 1y ago
Almost 35 weeks and these feel great!
Alexandra 1y ago
27 weeks and going strong. Love love love this prep
Alexandra 1y ago
I do this after all leg days. Only 19 weeks but wanna do all I can to prepare
Alexandra 1y ago
Amazing. Almost 16 weeks and I loved this so much.

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