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Belly Pump

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A foundational inner core unit exercise in itself that can also be incorporated into your lifting! This is a core engagement and breathing method that not only helps connect you to your inner core but it can also help regulate pressure in your abdomen and keep your belly from coning. This is important! You will always exhale on exertion in the exercise movement and inhale on the eccentric portion. Ex: inhale as you lower the weight in a bicep curl. Exhale as curl the weight up. Ex: inhale on the way down of a squat. Exhale as you stand! There comes a point when you may need to maintain core engagement in specific exercises to manage pressure. An example of this is a plank. There will also be a time in your pregnancy you will have to modify the exercise because even with good core engagement, you will still cone or feel uncomfortable pressure.


Rachel 7mo ago
Good practice but a hard thing for my brain to wrap around. Definitely going to practice this!
Gayla 1y ago
Very good. Am doing these before/after every workout
Britney 2y ago
It’s amazing how much thought goes into this exercise originally! This has really challenged me to think how disciplined I am control IAP throughout the regular course of my days. Really thankful for the Hannah highlighting the importance of such a practice.
Sam 3y ago
I’m currently 21 weeks pregnant and did these with my daughter who is 11 months (was not planning to have kids this close together). I am having trouble this time around connecting my pelvic floor to my TVA engagement. I also find myself in a constant state of engagement of my lower abs to stabilize myself and my weakening back which is causing separation of my upper abs-do you have suggestions (while doing daily activities) to maybe work towards relaxing but also maintaining a stable core?

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