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4 Stretches- birth prep

4.8|45 min|2 comments
These 4 stretches alone are great to Incorporate daily starting at 28 weeks or even sooner! 10 minutes each position. They will help open the pelvis and align ligaments and muscles needed so baby has room to turn or navigate... more


Ashley 2y ago
Baby dropped last night! Instinctively, I feel like I've got maybe 2 more weeks until she comes, but I still hope for longer. Homework will be done to keep my little gymnast where she should be! ❤
Candice 2y ago
I didn’t really have the area to do the side laying one, and the laying on the back for 10 mins confuses me with all the don’t lie on your back statements (mind you 11 years ago when I had my daughter that was never a thing) pregnancy these days is so complicated 😂

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