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Hi Beautiful Mamas! In this section you will find tons of material regarding your pregnancy from workouts to follow, stretches & mobility helping with typical aches and pains of pregnancy, a few breathing techniques of how to engage your core & breathe during exercise (belly pump), preparing for labor and more! The more educational, mobility and more detailed specific videos are at the top, the workouts to follow are below those. There is asking a lot details in the descriptions of many videos! So don’t forget to check those out. Because of the structure of this app, it isn’t a step by step program you will follow your entire pregnancy. ( you would be scrolling down for ages finding your specific weeks pregnancy workout) but rather you get to choose pregnancy workouts to follow throughout your pregnancy that look and feel good to you. Please watch the first video as it will guide you on specifics for what is safe for you and when you will need to modify! If you are wanting more detailed and structured information on your pregnancy or core, please check out my Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby program or The Functional Core program on my website. As always, we are here to guide and help you!♥️

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Tell me your struggles, share your progress, request content and guidance. I'm here for you!


Jillian 20d ago
Amazing and so appreciated
Jillian 2mo ago
This was AWESOME.
Iris 3mo ago
Wonderful! I’m 7 weeks and excited to incorporate all these helpful tools!
Iris 3mo ago
Very informative and gave me a confidence boost to remain as active as I was before I found out about baby #2. Thank you!!
Shelby 4mo ago
Great to get some work in even when you don’t feel like it😂
Katelyn 5mo ago
Thank you for this!