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/Pelvic Floor+Core 2.0
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W2/D5 Pelvic Floor Engagement and Core

4.9|33 min|5 comments
Abs & Core
Lower Body


Hilary 24d ago
Good challenges and good stretches. Glad I was here tonight!
Corina 2mo ago
This was definitely one of my favorite programs and I absolutely cannot wait until the second half! I'm hoping by then I'll be able to do dead bug for the whole time! I'll be practicing between, but this really helped me strengthen my ability to do more core
kat 2mo ago
so sad it’s over but i know i’m going add this routine into my rotations! i loved this class so, so much! fabulous teacher + playlists too!
Brittany 2mo ago
Everything about this last workout in the first 2 week series was incredible! Today for my warm up I just blasted music and danced using my body in a whole new& connected way! I felt in control of my dance movements, and very feminine and sexy too! I'm seeing and feeling my muscles engage as I workout with you and I LOOOVE everything you have to say about being in our bodies and loving them for all they make us capable of! ❤️ This is so much more than just a workout. It's a way to start our day mindfully and intentionally choose our happiness! CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT SERIES!!!💙
Adriana 2mo ago
Thanks for another great one!!

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