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W3/D5 Pelvic Floor and Low Abs

5.0|30 min|6 comments


kat 18d ago
love touching on masc. + fem. energies and some of those stretches were wild — but so good! like those end leg lifts?! what!! 🔥
Hilary 20d ago
Good class and look forward to the podcast discussion on balance of masculine and feminine energies ❤️
Corina 1mo ago
I was having a super low energy day and this break to workout really helped today. This core and pelvic floor series may be my favorite yet! 😍
Brittany 1mo ago
I loved everything about this class! I've been working on balancing my feminine and masculine sides, and these workouts are making me feel powerful in my feminine! 🙌🏼
Casey 1mo ago
Absolutely loved this one. Loved the exercises, music and hype energy. I very much needed this today!

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