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W1/D4 Pelvic Stretching + Optional Strengthening

4.9|31 min|14 comments
Stretching pelvic floor, hips, and inner thighs. Strengthening cues if you want to add in pelvic floor work.


Kat 18h ago
This should be required teaching in all schools for girls- or whomever Because honestly when the hell did square dancing help in real life.
Emma 3d ago
I have always loved yoga, pilates, and Barre types of in-person classes but I have struggled to connect with instructors online...until now! Thank you for your platform and helping me get back in it from home!!!
Hilary 1mo ago
Such a nice stretch sesh :) love working out with you!
Cecelia 1mo ago
Amazing !! My body hasn't felt so open in relaxed in a long time
Anca 1mo ago
That felt good 😌

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