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W3/D2 Outer Thighs and Pelvic Stretching

4.9|20 min|7 comments
I’m this class, we throw in some more advanced options. Modify if it feels better in your body!


kat 21d ago
ooh this one was ✨nice✨ got some great burns in!!! also — LOVE when you put body corrections in just to make sure our forms are correct, that makes all the difference to me in a workout program / someone training me 💕
Frédérique 1mo ago
Amazing 🙌🤍🙌
Hilary 1mo ago
Did not think my muscles had gotten so tight, my goodness I needed that! Will return to these moves :)
Stacey 1mo ago
For the first time in *years* I was able to stretch to 90 degrees in my legs. Feels SO good to get there!! 😊
Adriana 1mo ago
Much needed hip, thigh, and booty stretch! A year ago I would have never thought I could do all the advance movements with you 🤎🤎🤎

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