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Tracy HarmoushTracy Harmoush
/Beginner 4 weeks

W3/D5 - Abs

4.9|40 min|3 comments
Day 5 - Abs 3 Rounds ... more


Reham 1y ago
What can I say! All the instructions and the drills are ✨ Pretty FLAWLESS ✨ I did Dumbbells, beginners, Week 3, day 5 abs. Given what you have on your plate this is not really worthy of your attention or that critical but Incase you wanna know the “Rest” timer was set to 45 sec and the instructions says 2 min. That was it. . Thank you for another awesome day, today’s abs was pretty different, less cardio and more variety of crunches loved every piece of it. . ♥️♥️ . Ps: That toiletries organization mission you accomplished is impressive to say the least! You’re amazing and this is a small reminder.
Jumana 1y ago
Amazing! However, I think the side plank wave is for advanced level. I couldn’t do it like you did. 1 knee on floor :(

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