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About me

Strength Coach (Home & Gym Workouts)

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I came to a realisation in my 30’s, that the biggest period of growth in my life was made when I’ve been most uncomfortable. There were two main pivotal points of growth for me: 1. Turning my back on a 10 year Investment Banking career to start a new journey in Athletics, in-spite of family and social pressure to reconsider. 2. Starting calisthenics & gymnastics at the age of 31, and training the type of skills most thought I was delusional to assume I’d pick up at my age. I documented my journey & progress on Instagram and managed to grow a big following. 3 years later, I’m a Calisthenics and Mobility certified instructor. I’ve been invited to host calisthenics and handstand workshops and retreats as well as talks across the GCC, Levant, Asia, and North Africa. And in 2020, after having launched my online wellness membership program, LIVE with Tracy, I was awarded the Arab Woman’s Award for having created the biggest community impact in the fitness industry in the UAE throughout the pandemic. And now, I have my own fitness app! So yes, I absolutely owe my growth to when I’ve made decisions to fight through the uncomfortable, until it was comfortable and push passed my perceived limitations, to uncover a me I did not know was there. That is why I fell in love with coaching. For me, the joy of it comes from helping someone unlock a strength they never thought they had. That mental discipline is a gift that goes way beyond training. All you need to do is show up, and let me take care of the rest. ♥️ Tracy


My goal is to make you strong. Period. Physically of course, but more importantly, mentally. Consistency... that’s all it takes. I want to steer you away from obsessing over losing weight or building a summer body, and to focus on being the strongest version of yourself. I promise, aesthetics will follow. 😉

Training Requirements

My workouts can be done from the comfort of your villa or in a corner section of your studio apartment with minimal or no equipment What you’ll need Dumbbells (for the weighted program) A wall A chair And sometimes socks 🙂


Fitness Public Figure Certified Calisthenics Level 2 Instructor by the World Calisthenics Organisation (WCO). Certified Mobility Instructor Arab Women’s Award in 2020 for having created the biggest community impact in the fitness industry throughout the pandemic.

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