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/Beginner 4 weeks

W3/D1 - Upper body

4.9|30 min|5 comments
Day 1 - Upper body 3 Rounds ... more


Badou 1mo ago
Nader2402 2mo ago
Loved this workout❤️❤️😍
Dana 1y ago
Reham 1y ago
🥳🥳🥳🥳 . Was super!!! For your reference for this week I did beginners Dumbbells, week 3, day 1. . So far I finished 3 full weeks in intermediate/advance and this is the start of my third week in beginner dumbbells. I’ve been alternating week to week. . The drills were fantastic, the timers were there when I needed them. The rest timer is perfect! This workout has no errors/inconsistencies/or typos. 🙏🏼✨💕 . The standing shoulder press were the hardest for me not sure if it’s the movement itself or because it was the last of the dumbbells drills and my arms just got week. I split them 10-rest-5 and on the third round, the weights just naturally became heavier so some drills I managed to do 15 and push really hard even though I wanted to drop the dumbbells at the 7th count, some I split to 10-rest-5 and some 5-5-5. For two reasons: 1) I didn’t wanna compromise my form 2) Most importantly I didn’t wanna drop them on my feet because LiveWithTracy has no insurance lol. . Which reminds me if you’re up for it, it might be useful to add a guide of frequent asked questions regarding dumbbells for beginners. . I remember you said once that we should carry 80% of our capacity or something like that I forgot honestly. But it was a sort of how to determine the dumbbells weights and when to up them. It would be a good reference to have. . Have a fabulous Sunday night. And Keep on dancing ♥️🥳🏖🥂
Maha 1y ago
I felt like this workout was easier than last weeks

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