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Tracy HarmoushTracy Harmoush
/Beginner 4 weeks

W3/D6 - HIIT

5.0|35 min|4 comments
Day 6 - HIIT 3 Rounds ... more


Nader2402 2mo ago
Loved this workout, drenched in sweat😅🙈
Geli 6mo ago
Omg needed this so much!!! I just finished recovering from the booster shot. Had some symptoms and felt like poo. Now I'm feeling alot better and this gave me the extra boost I needed. Thank you
Reham 1y ago
Brutal, brutal, brutal!! My face and ears are literally on FIRE 🥵… I need this ASAP 🛁😶‍🌫️🧖🏻‍♀️..I feel insanely good and accomplished now. The two minutes rest would finish I didn’t even catch my breath lol that how hard this was.. makes me wonder how hard the dumbbells advance is gonna be hahahaha. . My plan is to finish my 3ed week of beginners dumbbells. Which I just did. On Sunday I plan to start my 4th week of advance bodyweight, then the week after my 4th week of beginners dumbbells before I move on to advance dumbbells. So I have 2 more week before dumbbells advance. Then I plan to try your new weightlifting program after that. If you have a better plan, or a different recommendation please do share 🙌 . Have a fabulous weekend ♥️ . P: Drills we’re perfect, descriptions in summary and circuit were perfect 👍 just the “Rest” timer was set on 45 sec and not 2 min.

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