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W2/D6 - HIIT

5.0|35 min|4 comments
Day 6 - HIIT 3 Rounds ... more


Izabelle 14d ago
That was hard 👍🥴
Reham 1y ago
Feels amazing!! My mind strangely is becoming extremely relaxed after working out. It’s like I am doing spring cleaning for my brain lol I did dumbbells beginners Week 2. Day 6 HIIT day! You have it set at 45sec on 45sec off. However for (single leg step downs) and (DB curtsy squat) we have two legs so the option is 1- split the 45sec or 2- do it twice Same goes for (DB Jacks) have to do it twice 45sec per hand or split the 45 sec The direction from you to split the seconds or do 45sec on each side is missing. . I did 45 seconds for each leg and each hand. . It’s seems obvious. Kinda feels silly to even mention it. But to FLAWLESS 🥂 ♥️
Haneen 1y ago
The instructions are mixed up

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