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Tracy HarmoushTracy Harmoush
/Beginner 4 weeks

W4/D4 - Full body

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Day 4 - Full body 3 Rounds ... more


Badou 15d ago
Amazing workout 🔥
Nader2402 2mo ago
Was feeling so tired today after a long day of fasting but decided to do a workout and definitely was worth it, feel so much lighter and my mind feels so much clearer😍🤟
Reham 1y ago
🥵🥵🥵 = 🚗🧼 #DrippingDayGoneExtreme . Did Beginners Dumbbells. Week 4. Day 4. Full body. 1) Two drills seemed to be repeated under two different names one is called “Dumbbells overhead squats” and the second is called “Dumbbells squats press” I couldn’t tell the difference. I just replaced one of them with 10 burpees. 2) You forgot to add the “rest” button at the top right corner. I just used the plank timer instead. 🙏🏽 Other than that everything is ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ . Two days left and I’ll be done with 2 full months of the LiveWithTracy app 🥳😎🥂 I think it’s save for you to claim “customer satisfaction guaranteed” ✅ . ♥️

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