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W1/Day1: Cardio HIIT + Legs + Core

4.8|45 min|753 comments
Hey gents, it's time to get started! Day 1 today. Please keep me posted on your progress and let me know if you have any questions! Tag me in progress and form pics/videos on IG @magnuslygdback


Michael 20d ago
Amazing first day workout! I'm on fire 🔥. Set the tone early. I'm excited for the other workouts to come!
Alexander 1mo ago
Fun, demanding and intense!
Dan 1mo ago
Just finished my first workout my legs are already sore. I like the simplicity of the workout and how it targets specific areas.
Mike 1mo ago
Unbelievable first workout! Loved it!
parke 1mo ago
That was something! Legs are tight and abs are screaming! Couldn’t get through the last ab exercise without a couple 5 sec pauses each set! Drenched in sweat and loving it!💪🏽🏋🏽‍♂️

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