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W1/D3 Arms

4.8|90 min|12 comments
- Skull crushers (warm up sets first) 4 x 8-10 - Standing overhead dumbbell tricep extensions (biceps to ears) 3 x 10 - Cable push downs SS dumbbell kickbacks 3 x 10-15, 8-12... more


Jose 3mo ago
Great workout!
Ben 6mo ago
Cooper 7mo ago
Best arm day I’ve had in 2 years
Phillip 1y ago
I downloaded the app back in January, but haven’t used it until today. I was very intimidated to do something out of my normal routine, but I wasn’t getting results I wanted. I finally got the courage to try the app and loved having easy guidance to follow and the workout was great. My only suggestion, is I feel at many gyms the free weights are not near the cable machines. So it was odd during the superset to be working in 2 different parts of the gym. However, I enjoyed the workout and I will be using it again tomorrow!
Alex 1y ago
Arms feel full!!

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