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W1/D2 Back

4.8|90 min|8 comments
- Bent over row (overhand grip, smith or barbell) 4 x 8-12 - Pull-ups or assisted pull ups 4 x 5-8 - Lat pull down SS behind the neck pull down (drop weight by about 50%) ... more


Kyle 2mo ago
Thanks- great!
Phillip 1y ago
I am enjoying the easy to follow workouts. They are giving me the confidence to workout in the gym.
Alex 1y ago
Amazing back day workout. Feeling strong.
Anonymous 1y ago
Always a great workout. I like the rest timer integrated into the workout.
Kyle 1y ago
This workout was great although I had difficulty with the squats in set one- think it would have been better with a guide on both sides to get more balance. Hoping you will add a place for the weight used for each set- that way it could be gauged for the next go around. Thanks for your app - doing good. Do you have advice on diet?

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