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W3/D5 Bands will Make her Dance

5.0|30 min|21 comments
Banded yoga! Reeemixxxxxx. Move your body in a yoga inspired flow, but add in a band if you have one. No band? No problem! You can do this workout without one.... more


Luna 2d ago
I was so stiff and this helped SOO MUCH! Going to push myself this last week and really focus on staying consistent with the workouts. I was combining them this week,since I was burnt out from work. I always feel amazing after these so I really need to stay focused!
Adriana 24d ago
So happy I didn’t skip!
Louise 1mo ago
Really challenging class. Turns out I'm capable of more than I thought. There is one challenge I will not be participating in next week - wearing less. It's winter here and far too cold to be stripping for Summer. 😁
Hilary 1mo ago
Excited to find I can do more of the reverse table movements- getting stronger!
MacKenzie 1mo ago
I love feeling stronger in the positions as the weeks go on!💪🏼

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