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W4/D4 Show me your… posture!

5.0|20 min|15 comments
Shoulders back for the last chest stretches of the challenge. Open your heart for this one and really listen and accept the words. This shouldn’t be the last time you stretch your chest— come back to these as often as you’d l... more


Louise 22d ago
Love those chest openers
Ryan 1mo ago
Chest opening day is always my favorite!!
MacKenzie 1mo ago
Great start to my morning! My body needed a good stretch like that
Jo 1mo ago
Amazing, I feel so zen! Calm n refreshed! Thanks
Jenna 1mo ago
That was my favorite chest opener of the month!! I’m an esthetician and am hunched over all day. I could feel my day peeling off of me! Such a great class!! 💜

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