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W2/D3 Flowy Yogi

5.0|36 min|21 comments
Toning Up
Let’s get into a mid week flow by incorporating stretching and openness into our workout. It’s important to feel open to accepting new outlooks about yourself as we move forward through this challenge— positive outlooks. ... more


Rocio 2d ago
I really love your clases. Make me feel so powerful woman. Stronger than yesterday like Britney 💪🏼
Luna 14d ago
Ngl. I ended up not going through some of the movements fully 😂 it was REALLY difficult! I actually fell on my butt I don’t know how many times. But it was still FUN! I laughed it off and got my ass back up and tried to complete the movements and even if I had to modify them I did GREAT! Loved this one even if it was more challengingly!
Courtney 1mo ago
Super empowering 💪🏻
Louise 1mo ago
I'm not a yogi. I struggle to balance and twist, and I can NEVER hook my elbow onto the opposite knee. I actually hesitated to take this class, because yoga tends to remind me of my size and age. I LOVED this class. LOVED. IT. It made me feel strong, and powerful, and I noticed I could go lower in my triceps push ups. Go me!
Ryan 2mo ago
Great hip opening flo! Thanks🥰🥰

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