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W3/D2 Healthy, Happy Hips

5.0|20 min|23 comments
Hips! Let’s continue to add in new stretches, while still deepening the ones we’ve already tried. Strength is:... more


Cait 9d ago
Bailey always knows how to make me feel better.
Adriana 1mo ago
Loved this! So funny I couldn’t sit on my heels in the yogi squat the first time but by the end of the class I could! Thanks!
Louise 1mo ago
Really intense, but I feel much better. The stretch helped me to focus on letting go of my bullshit workday.
Kristiana 1mo ago
I would like to focus less on hip flexor workouts (I know it’s not in this one but I just realized it), mine are already so tight from sitting at my desk and working them out just makes them tighter.
Ryan 2mo ago
This class always hits right when I need it. Super grounding, very centering class.

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