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W3/D3 Banded Baddy

5.0|45 min|21 comments
I won’t require you to use any props in this program, but for this class, we added in bands! Not a requirement for the workout, but I want you to see the progression that can happen when you start to add resistance. Here is ... more


Adriana 1mo ago
Ok I did the crunches laying down since I had two babies back to back I have no ab muscle but I still felt these !!!
Louise 1mo ago
I did it without the band - no mere band can fit my Goddess size thighs! Hah! Still got a damn good workout. You'll get me loving bridges one day.
Lindsey 1mo ago
Had to take again! Love it
Lexi 2mo ago
This one was soo good! Such a challenge but in the best way. Definitely going to use this class to come back to and compare as I get stronger!
MacKenzie 2mo ago
My booty is gonna be poppin’ after this!

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