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W1/D5 Confidence Remixed (Yoga Inspired)

4.9|41 min|37 comments
Toning Up
Booty Burn
Let’s move again! I love ending the week strong. After this class, enjoy a couple days break! Retake a class, go for a walk, or any way that you love to move your body. Continue your homework assignments through the weekend: ... more


Rocio 11d ago
It feels good to complete the first week. ❤️Let's go for more 💪🏼
Luna 18d ago
This one was INTENSE but AMAZING! I really felt connected with my body and I’m sweating bullets! I’m going to be sleeping so well tonight!
tori 1mo ago
this was such a great workout! i just finished the first week today because i had a trip last week and i am feeling so motivated and empowered. thank you for a great class!
Louise 1mo ago
Had a few false starts with this challenge, due to illness and life in general. Just finished the first week for the second time and despite not exercising for a couple weeks, I can feel the difference. Last time I struggled with this workout, and this time, it was still difficult, but I could do more, get further, and trust my body more. I'm going to finish this challenge, then try it again to see how much further along I am
Lina 1mo ago
I’m really falling in love with these workouts and I can see my confidence building each day 💗 I know I started late but it’s better late than never ❤️ “You already look good” 💗

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