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W4/D3 Barrebie Babe

5.0|45 min|19 comments
Remixed as always, but here’s some barre for you! As we start to finish up this challenge, I want you to take the messages and the feeling you’ve cultivated and incorporate it into your new lifestyle. Don’t stop now, this i... more


Louise 25d ago
First off: Best Playlist EVER. Forgot how much I love Rihanna! Second. This class showed me how far I've come in 4 weeks. I went into this class thinking I would hate it. I wouldn't be able to do it all, and yeah, some of the movements were challenging. I don't have a good range when twisting, but I still did what I could, and fucking killed it. My legs shook, and it was tough, but I loved it. Feel so great right now.
Ryan 1mo ago
Omg absolute killer workout.
MacKenzie 1mo ago
Great class, sad that this challenge will be over but excited to start something new!
Hilary 1mo ago
Phew, so tired today, this felt great.
Trina 1mo ago
My favorite workout in the challenge!! Much stronger and so much more confident in my own skin! Thank you Bailey 💕

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