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W4/D2 Let that Sht Go!

5.0|45 min|14 comments
Deepest hip stretches yet! As always in our stretches: you’ll see some of the same stretches and deepen, as well as new stretches. It smells like a healed pretty woman summer.... more


Louise 1mo ago
Love love LOVE those hip stretches.
MacKenzie 1mo ago
Hip openers are my fav, felt so amazing!! My abs are feeling yesterdays workout today!
Jo 2mo ago
Loved the tennis dress!! Loved that stretch class! Feeling it deeper! Thanks
Jenna 2mo ago
Great cool down after explicit! I really enjoy doing a back to back catch up.
Ryan 2mo ago
Needed this after todays work load. Perfect way to chill out & release some tension right before bed.

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