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Alex Silver-FaganAlex Silver-Fagan

30 min Yoga Flow - Side Crow

5.0|30 min|31 comments
Intermediate to Advanced This is a vinyasa style yoga class. We’ll flow from one pose to the next, connecting our movements with our breath. We will be twisting and working our way up to Side Crow (Eka Pada Koundinyasana.)


Elaine 6mo ago
Nice flow, thank you!
Knot 8mo ago
Wonderful, not had the courage to try side crow until today. Thank you for sharing
Alex 1y ago
It was okay. I didn’t feel so great after but everyday is a journey so..
Davina 1y ago
So much anxiety today this helped
Gustavo 1y ago
Padrísima la clase pero primero quisiera que me enseñaras cómo hacer el cuervo (crow) normal, por favor!

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