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20 min Yoga Flow - Circle

4.9|20 min|41 comments
Intermediate This is a vinyasa style yoga class. We’ll flow from one pose to the next, connecting our movements with our breath. The theme of this class is circles, flowing through life and letting everything come back aroun... more


Molly 2mo ago
So good :))
Alex 1y ago
Very emotional. I felt strong though.
Cristina 1y ago
I've been your fan since I started working out with you at Nike training. Now thanks to you, I'm here. I can't wait to workout with you again. God bless you! 🤍
Sally 1y ago
I love how you incorporate so much self-healing and self-love into your yoga sessions. I feel like I’m meditating and exercising all at once. The way you flow from one position to the next is so fluid and makes the class that much more enjoyable. Wish I could take a class with you in person!
Bridgette 1y ago

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