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Alex Silver-FaganAlex Silver-Fagan

15 min Yoga Flow - Foot to Hand pose

5.0|15 min|12 comments
Intermediate to Advanced. This fast yoga flow is dynamic and challenges your balance, both on your feet AND hands. We’ll work up to Uttita Hasta Padanghustasana.


Costanza 10d ago
Amazing! Really enjoyed balance poses!
Aubrey 4mo ago
Whew a good reminder I need to focus on balance. Thank you!
Meredith 6mo ago
Awesome class, worked up a good sweat and practiced some poses I’m not as familiar with. Perfect for recalibrating my body during my lunch break.
Marvin 1y ago
Always a favorite.
Marvin 1y ago
I was ambivalent as to whether I wanted to workout today. So I took a deep breath and thought what you might say. The thought of honoring my body made me smile. I wasn’t sure if I wanted or if I could find focus. Though my body craved mobility and is thankful I did something today. This is one of my favorites to come back to after taking a break or uncertain of where to start. I left any expectation of getting super workout in and allowed for 15 minutes to elevate my mood and spirit. And that’s what’s super ☺️

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