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30 min Yoga Flow - Dancer’s Pose

4.9|30 min|36 comments
Beginner to Intermediate This is a vinyasa style yoga class. We’ll flow from one pose to the next, connecting our movements with our breath. We will work on opening our heart and finding balance in Dancer’s Pose.


Edward 5mo ago
That was my about my 2,000 work out w you. The other 1,999 is on the Nike app. Haha. I’m on yr 3 with you. Just surpassed 75,000 min and 2334 workouts total. You’re the chit. Thank you.
Melissa 1y ago
Love your workouts and hope you add more variety to the app in the near future
Alex 1y ago
Tough. But good
Alex 1y ago
I had a lot of emotions pop up for me. At one moment I was laughing then angry then acceptance creeped in on my body.
Julia 1y ago

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