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Alex Silver-FaganAlex Silver-Fagan

10 min Quick Flow

5.0|10 min|54 comments
Sun Salutations A + B plus a quick standing series!


Asel 1mo ago
The speed is too high for me
Lia 2mo ago
My favorite 🥺 It's my therapy 🙏💗
Aubrey 5mo ago
Good and sweaty!
Meredith 6mo ago
I love this class! Gets my heart rate up, and has helped me make balancing poses a regular part of my practice. Please post more yoga flows!!! You are the best
Lia 6mo ago
I cannot be mote thankful for this flow. Perfect for a working parent like me 😍 Not too light, not too hard, with the core poses of yoga. I just love it so much🙏

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