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Week 2 Day 8 Bulking Challenge 💪🏾

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❌PLEASE DO DAILY WARMUP FIRST❌ ▶️ Each day for 5 Weeks, we will focus on ONE muscle group and one exercise. 📍This challenge will require a GYM, for we are Bodybuilding 98% of the training. 📍We will focus on Back, Triceps, Biceps, Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes, & Core 📍Heavy weight = Less Reps Light weight = more reps 📍The count for each exercise will be ex.: •10 reps Light weight 50% of your MAX •8 reps light weight 75% of your MAX •6 reps Medium weight 80% of your MAX •4 reps Medium heavy 90% of your MAX •2 reps Heaviest you can go 100% Max out 🛑Start at 10 reps and work your way down to 2 reps, then START BACK AT 2 reps to go back up to 10 reps🛑 📍You will REPEAT 3 rounds of this single exercise. 1 round = 60 reps 🔥 📍Followed by a CASH OUT for that muscle group ❌If you do not know your MAX, you may find it out during this challenge ✅Hit COMPLETE after each workout 📲 TAG @MsNicoleFit in any Post you may do Good Luck & Keep it RAW👍🏾


Sierra 3y ago
Quads are numb, but I’ve built so much muscle just a week in!
Alita 4y ago
Completed workout. Only 75 cash out.
Chandel 5y ago
This workout - 1 Me - 0 This definitely pushed me mentally. It was my first time doing this exercise. I already know this week is going to be turnt up!
Kiona 5y ago
I never done front squats because I never knew how to do them properly lol. But this was good. Got me out my comfort zone
Rasheta 5y ago
Lawddddd my legs!!! I cannot wait to see results!

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