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Week 1 Day 3 Bulking Challenge 💪🏾

4.8|60 min|6 comments
❌PLEASE DO DAILY WARMUP FIRST❌ ▶️ Each day for 5 Weeks, we will focus on ONE muscle group and one exercise.... more


Angela 4y ago
Good, do you really do 150 jump squats per round.
Alita 4y ago
This was tough. I only made it half way through. Tomorrow’s a new day.
Tora 4y ago
Did not get through it the first time, found it to hard. Tried again today and my hands are so sore. This is a killer. Great
Rasheta 4y ago
It was great! I’m so sore and tired. 😊❤️ hard work pays off!
Topsy 4y ago
YOU: #bulkingchallenge ME: I'm in💪🏾 Also me: what did I put myself into😭 #AF #mybodyisbroken💪🏾😭🤣

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