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Week 1 Day 7 - Bulking Challenge Weekly Check In with Nicole

4.8|20ย min|3 comments
Sunday = Recovery Day! Speak/Write me a message about the previous week. Your progression and/or what you like about the challenge โœ…...ย more


Chandel โ€ข 4y ago
The first week was a great start! It definitely showed me that I need to work on my arms. I like that each day is focused on a different part of the body and the demonstration videos. Looking forward to the upcoming week!
Rasheta โ€ข 4y ago
Great week! Kicked my ass! Iโ€™m so sore, but itโ€™s just weakness leaving my body! Ready for Monday! โค๏ธ
Becca โ€ข 4y ago
I really needed that full body stretch my muscle felt stiff

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