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Morgan OlsonMorgan Olson
/Photoshoot Fresh 2.0 🏡

W1/D1 Full Body Fresh 💪🏼

5.0|60 min|77 comments
The start of the Photoshoot Fresh Challenge! Know that there may be hard days/weeks coming, but remember why you started in the first place. Write it down somewhere you can see it every day. Don't forget we're a team and in t... more


Katrina 5d ago
The moves were simple, perfect for just getting back into it but boy did it whoop my butt. I definitely felt it and it felt great. A few moves I did have to mod a tiny bit just because I do not have a bench to use but I still got them done! I’m so excited to continue this!
Paulina 7d ago
I highly recommend this workout 💪😉
Jessica 8d ago
Such a good all over workout!!
Sarah 9d ago
Back for round 2, it’s so good!!!
Sandra 13d ago
Can you start listing how much weight are you using for each exercise 🤔🙏

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