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Side Body Yinyasa

4.7|77 min|5 comments
Beginner level class. Yinyasa sequences mean starting with long-holding Yin shapes, then working into a more dynamic flow. The focus of this class is opening into the side body.


Gemma 2mo ago
Thanks so much Kayla! I didn’t expect to do the full 77 min flow as it’s quite late here but loved it so much that I continued to the end 👍🏻😊🙏🏻
Nick 3mo ago
A good active rest session. Precisely what I needed. I was able to take pigeon more deep than I have before too. That shape used to make me so angry and now it feels so damn good. Buzzin. Thank you!
Rebekah 6mo ago
Audio is glitchy but you can still hear the whole flow. Great class. Starts with about 20min of yin then a hour long flow with cool down of pigeon and some other stretches
Melissa 1y ago
Loved the sequence. Was expecting some more side body work based on the title but still lovely. The sound was a bit choppy but still understandable.
Krysta 1y ago
Great class but the audio is glitchy. ☹️

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