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Hip Opening Yinyasa

4.8|70 min|19 comments
Beginner/Moderate level class. Yinyasa sequences mean starting with long-holding Yin shapes, then working into a more dynamic flow. This class focuses on opening into all areas of the hips.


Jessi 2mo ago
Wow, that was so relaxing and centering. Thank you.
Kat 3mo ago
Amazing!!! Love one of my favourites!!!
Nyssa 5mo ago
Loving this yinyasa. Sometimes I forget that I could get a good work for my body doing yinyasa too. ☺️
Melissa 5mo ago
I was feeling very stiff and sore so this was excellent!
Adriana 5mo ago
The way my body needed this is incredible. I feel like it's been longing for such a gentle but flowy, slow paced and loving practice for a while and I just kept ignoring it. I released so much tension and I can't wait to do this again tomorrow.

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