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Body weight HIIT- 12 min

4.9|15 min|11 comments
This workout will take you a total of 12 minutes. There are 6 exercises in which you will do as many reps as possible within the 40 second timeframe. Then a 20 second rest. Then move on to the next movement. ... more


Shivani 1mo ago
Holy smokes!!! I think you need a new category now, fit like a gymnast.
Jaclyn 5mo ago
Soo good!! Way tougher than it looks
Kristen 5mo ago
Getting back in the swing of things and this was a great starter!
Kelly 5mo ago
I’ve been working out with my son more and it definitely adds more of a challenge when he crawls all over you. Great workout
Alexa 6mo ago
Wow! Who knew you could get a great workout in in just 12 mins. Your Spotify is 10/10 and definitely helped my motivation. I love doing your workouts and getting confident in my new PP body! THANK YOU 💖

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